Business in Bulgaria

Key advantages

Strategic geographic position as a bridge between Europe and Asia
Stable political environment low country risk
EU`s most favourable taxes:

  • 10% corporate income tax rate; 0% in high-unemployment areas
  • 10% flat tax rate on personal income
  • 2-year VAT exemption for imports of equipment for investment projects over € 5 million, creating at least 50 jobs
  • depreciation of 2 years for computers and new manufacturing equipment
  • opportunity for R&D expenditure write-off
  • 5% withholding tax on dividends and liquidation quotas (0% for EU tax residents )

Double tax agreements with all significant world economies
Highly skilled, multilingual work force
Europe`s most competitive salary levels
Europe`s lowest operational costs
No restrictions on after-tax repatriation of profits
Government financial support for priority investment projects
Excellent climate, natural scenery, food and hospitality

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