Bulgaria, Romania To Decide on Sites for Two More Danube Bridges06.02.2012

Bulgaria and Romania will set up working groups this year to determine the most suitable locations for two new bridges between the two countries over the Danube river.
"The transport ministers of the two countries have adopted a political declaration on the intention to build two new bridges over the Danube, between Bechet and Oryahovo and between Calarasi and Silistra," Romania`s ambassador to Bulgaria Anton Pacuretu said, adding that expert-level working groups will be set up in line with these plans.
Bechet is a town in southwestern Romania, opposite Bulgaria`s Oryahovo. Calarasi is located opposite the Bulgarian town of Silistra.
At the moment, the two neighbouring countries are linked by one bridge over the Danube, between Romania`s Giurgiu and Bulgaria`s Ruse. A second bridge that will link Vidin and Calafat is under construction, and is expected to be completed by the end of November.

Source: HBCB

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