Govt To Persist in Reforming Inefficient Sectors of Bulgaria’s Economy13.01.2012

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov said on Thursday the government will continue with the reforms and cut-backs in the inefficient sectors of the country`s economy no matter how painful they might be.
"In times of financial and economic crisis in both Europe and overseas, the burning problems are clear to everyone. Countries are divided into those that are coping with reforms fast and efficiently and those that are waiting around for help from the IMF and other funds," local news agency Focus cited the prime minister as saying.
According to him, Bulgaria will stay disciplined and will not to be among the states to receive financial aid. He also added that the country is among the three most disciplined European states in terms of financial indicators.
"What many European countries are going to do now is something that Bulgaria and the Bulgarian nation have already suffered through and overcome in years past and now it is the time for the country`s economy to start growing," Borisov said.

Source: HBCB

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