Bulgaria, Romania Sign Functional Airspace Block Agreement14.12.2011

Bulgarian transport minister Ivaylo Moskovski and his Romanian counterpart Alexandru Nazare signed in Brussels an agreement on the establishment of a Functional Airspace Block.
The functional airspace blocks (FAB) are defined as a major tool to strengthen cooperation between the member states by the EU legal framework for creating a Single European Sky. They improve the efficiency of the air transport system and optimize its capacity by assisting the free movement of goods, persons and services.
The agreement will result in annual savings of over 5.0 million euro (.7 million) from fuel and reduced carbon emissions, state-run Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) quoted Moskovski as saying.
The agreement, which will shorten flights duration and is expected to lower ticket prices, is pending ratification by the national parliaments in Sofia and Bucharest.
Source: BTA

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