Bulgaria doubles electricity export in 201011.12.2010

Bulgaria has marked a record high of sales of electricity abroad in 2010, doubling the amount sold for the previous year.
For 2010, Bulgaria will have exported 7500 GWh, while the amount for 2009 was 3700 GWh, announced the National Electric Company (NEK) Saturday.
The levels of electricity export for 2011 are previewed to be similar to those for 2010, said NEK president Krasimir Parvanov.
He added that Bulgaria has the ambition to become the undisputed leader in the exportation of energy in South-East Europe, and its chief competitor in that is Romania.
For 2010, the amount of electricity exported is 21.6% of the power produced in the country.
Among the more interesting issues considered for 2011 is the opportunity to export electricity to Italy.


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